How we work


The Booking Process

So, if you have decided that you want us to be the lucky chaps to film your big day, firstly thank you! secondly, we will need to get your date in the diary! For this we ask for a £100 deposit that will be deducted from the final payment & you will be sent a copy of our contract for you to sign. Once this has been done (Yay!) we will arrange a time closer to the big occasion in which we can meet up or Skype (depending on location) and chat all things you!


Before the wedding (but after our catch up) Naomi compiles a rough timings schedule to ensure we are in the right places at the right times. This is simply for us and we use it as a basic map for your day!

The map will begin with the preparations! This is when nerves and excitement are high. It is always a lovely atmosphere and one of our favourite parts of the day. So as a rule of thumb, we will start as early as you are happy with! Generally we will be up early and close by, maybe capturing some establishing shots. We choose to be with you early so we don't have to be in the way and make for a mad rush towards the end of your prep. We can dot in and out, and get shots here and there, and we find this makes it less intrusive and everyone becomes a little less aware of us! But of course, it is your day so you will ultimately be making these decisions!

As a side note, during our chat we will also discuss how we are going to go about filming the preparations in separate locations & how/if you want us to get both - bride(s)/groom(s)!

The Ceremony

So the next MAIN event of the day generally is the ceremony. The aisle walk, the first look, the first kiss... (omg so exciting!).

Capturing audio is also a big deal! it helps to narrate your story in the highlight film and gives a good, constant feed if you choose to have your ceremony and speeches captured in full. To capture the audio, we preferably would attach a lav mic to whom we can, for example we often put a small mic in the grooms inside pocket and then the lav mic clips onto the jacket. During our catch up, if you are not comfortable with this set up, we can discuss other options.

It is worth noting, there have been times where we have not been allowed to film inside of a church, but this unfortunately is not down to us and is something we will bring up with you pre-wedding. Some churches say no to filming at all and we unfortunately cannot do anything about this. Other churches may ask for specific requirements that we will need to organise before hand to allow us to film. So if you are getting married in a church, please bear this in mind.

The Toasts

Audio again here is super important! We usually like to mic up all the speakers to get clean audio (and avoid any footage of us laughing if the speeches are super funny!). Our filming approach here is to try and shoot as if we were a guest, to allow you to relive the moment when watching back.

If you have any planned surprises that you are aware of, please do let us know so we can ensure these are captured! (Whether that's singing waiter or rapping bridesmaids we sure do not want to miss it)

Couple Shots

The couple shots are the one exception to our general no posing rule! At some point during the day we like to have half hour or so with you to capture some beautiful shots of you both and this will normally be a lovely time for you both to take a deep breath and spend a moment together. We usually work side by side with the photographer to ensure these special moments are captured smoothly. It is also worth noting that we usually use one videographer during this moment to keep it intimate.

If we had to describe our style of shooting here, we would normally pick a spot, and leave you alone to cuddle, kiss, laugh, walk, dance, what ever you would like and we will just capture you both in all your beauty! (we can give direction too if you would like that).

The Dancing

As the night draws in and the evening guests arrive, your first dance will be happening very soon. We are massive fans of the first dance, whether you can dance or not! Slow motion first dances are a bit of highlight of ours! The only thing we need to really point out here, is if you can dance, (and oh boy you are going to!) we would love to know before hand, to ensure we capture all the choreographed steps you are about to show off!

Once the evening gets into full swing, we usually play this bit a little by ear. We haven't got a specific time to leave and if the dance floor is going off, we will want to be capturing it! (We usually stay for a maximum of an hour following the first dance). If you are wanting sparklers or any other night time event captured we can always discuss this before hand and plan ahead of time :) But either way, when we do leave, we will say our goodbyes and get in touch as soon as your film is ready!

We aim to deliver the final films within 8 weeks, but we will endeavour to deliver as soon as possible! Your film(s) will be downloaded onto a USB and packaged up lovingly and either posted or dropped off to you in person. Then you can watch and enjoy and relive your wedding day over and over again!